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Structure, Support, Community, a Plan

Our Services

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Group Coaching Sessions


Our proven systems and processes that work.

Work through the mindset challenges that can hold you back. 

A business meeting


Become part of our online community and accelerate your learning.  

Gain from the additional support and learning provided by your new community. 

Structured Plan
Utilize our plan
and Master Private Practice 

I have coached dozens of therapists in private practice development and used that knowledge to create a signature system that leads to results.- Amira

What Clients Say

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Masharat Mujib, MHC-LP

Private Practice Builder

“Amira taught me how to attract clients, how to identify client fit, develop a niche that speaks to who I truly am and who I want to serve.”


Taylor Colbert, LMHC

Private Practice Builder

“Thanks to the guidance and teaching of Amira, I can confidently say that I am a well-rounded, effective, and knowledgeable therapist and licensed counselor. I went from 0-100! I didn't have a private practice when we started together and now I am in business for myself!" 


Kaymara Gayle, LCSW

Private Practice Builder

"As a woman of color in a leadership role it can be difficult navigating the professional spaces. My ongoing consultation with Amira has not only helped me develop my confidence, it has also help me in my work with my private practice clients."


Kristina Kane, LCSW

Private Practice Builder

“Amira coaches in a very clear and distinct process, you get homework and assignments, I found the process very useful and it helped me with clarity and direction.”


Amira Martin Framed Prof Pic.jpg

"I help clients build scalable, profitable, private practices built on proven systems and processes that work!"


Amira Martin

Amira created MA Therapy, LLC in 2011. She has developed it into a multi-six figure group private practice! Amira is also the founder of AmiraForHer.com and AmiraForHim.com as well as TheBlackSpeakersInstitute.com  , all which are part of MA Therapy, LLC. Amira began coaching therapists into building their own private practices in 2016 and has helped other therapists reach the level of success they desired.  Amira is primed  and ready to help you develop your private practice, know your ideal client, identify client needs, services, and plan scalable services! 

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"Phenomenal Private Practice with Amira Martin"

Email us a question or comment- AmiraMartinLCSW@gmail.com

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