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"Phenomenal Private Practice: Comprehensive Guide to Launching and Growing Your Practice"

Welcome to "Phenomenal Private Practice," a fully inclusive and extensive course designed to guide you in starting or expanding your private practice. This course builds upon the foundation of the "Private Practice Fast Track" and covers a broader range of topics, including credentialing, advanced business management training, money mindset exercises, and more. Get ready to take your practice to new heights with this comprehensive program.

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Course Overview
  • Course Overview- Modules and Lessons Covered
  • Welcome Letter from Amira
  • Phenomenal Private Practice Group Coaching (Watch this first)

Module 2: Money Mindset

  • Money Mindset Exercise 1- Assess your Money Mindset Part 1
  • Money Mindset Exercise 2- Assess your Money Mindset Part 1
  • Money Mindset Exercise 3- Assess your Money Mindset Part 1
  • Money Mindset Exercise 4- Assess your Money Mindset Part 2

Module 3: Mission and Vision

  • Develop Your Mission/Vision Statement
  • Develop your Vision / Mission Statement Questions
  • Develop your Personal/Professional Statement
  • Develop your Personal / Professional Statement Questions

Module 4: Business Naming and Description

  • Naming your business
  • Naming your business
  • Create your business description

Module 5: Developing Your Ideal Client

  • Developing your client Avatar
  • Develop your Client Avatar

Module 6: Overcoming Challenges and Mindset

  • Failure to Start
  • Mindset - Failure to start

Module 7: Entity Formation, Accounting, and Taxes

  • Entity Formation/Accounting and Taxes - Interview with an expert
  • Interview with Tax expert Fen Liu transcribed
  • Entity Formation/Accounting and Taxes - PDF
  • Bookkeeping and Financial Planning
  • Forming an Entity
  • Retirement Planning and Paying Taxes ahead of time
  • Retirement and Tax Payments Ahead of time

Module 8: NPI (National Provider Identification)

  • NPI - Getting set up
  • NPI - Getting set up - PDF with links

Module 9: EIN (Employer Identification Number)

  • What is an EIN? and How do I apply?
  • EIN Application Link

Module 10: National CAQH Listing

  • Getting set up on CAQH
  • CAQH - info sheet

Module 11: Malpractice Insurance

  • Malpractice Insurance Requirements

Module 12: Supervision

  • Finding a supervisor

Module 13: Office Space

  • Identifying your office space

Module 14: Clinical Note System/Electronic Health Record (EHR)

  • Selecting a note system/electronic health record

Module 15: Business Management (Tips for Group Practice)

  • Business Management TIPS - Interview with an Expert with NRNY Consulting
  • Tip sheet for onboarding additional therapists to your private practice

Module 16: Mindset and Emotions

  • The emotional component of private practice building

Module 17: Policies and Procedures

  • Private Practice Policies and Procedures - Planning guide

Module 18: First Session Non-Clinical Forms

  • First session forms HIPAA and Consent for Treatment (non-clinical forms)
  • HIPAA mental health and additional health laws
  • HIPAA - First discussion with a new client


Phenomenal Private Practice: Comprehensive Training Course and Guide

Sales Tax Included
  • This course is owned, copywritten and created by Amira Martin.

    This comprehensive course covers the following topics:

    • Introduction and Welcome Letter
    • Course Overview Intro Video
    • Forming Your Business Structure
    • Writing Your Mission Statement
    • Insight from a Tax Attorney on Entity Formation, Accounting, and Taxes
    • Guide to LLC, PLLC, Sole Proprietorship, S-Corp or C-Corp
    • Marketing Your Business for Income and Accessing Your Ideal Client
    • Developing Your Ideal Client (Client Avatar)
    • Marketing 101, 102, and Interview with Marketing Expert Laala Matias
    • Getting Insurance to Pay You and Send You Clients
    • NPI/EIN/CAQH Set Up
    • Managing Your Private Practice (EHR and Accounting Systems)
    • Selecting an Electronic Health Record (EHR) System
    • Accounting and Bookkeeping for Your Business
    • Accessing Supervision
    • Free Private Practice 101 Guide

    Take the first step towards realizing your dream and become a master of the art of private practice. Start your journey today and unlock the secrets of successful private practice with me!

    This course is available for purcase on the teachable website at

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