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"Private Practice Fast Track: 7-Day Course" A comprehensive online program designed for therapists, counselors, and healthcare professionals who aspire to start their own private practice. This self-paced course with 7 segments that can be completed over seven days or at your own pace. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey towards building your successful private practice. The course has 7 segments: Segment 1: Introduction Course Overview Intro video Segment 2: Business Formation Forming your business structure Writing your mission statement Segment 3: Legal and Financial Considerations Insights from Tax Attorney Fen Liu on Entity Formation, Accounting, and Taxes Guide to choosing between LLC, PLLC, Sole Proprietor, S-Corp, or C-Corp Segment 4: Marketing Strategies Marketing your business for income and attracting your ideal clients Developing your ideal client (client Avatar) Marketing 101, 102, and interview with marketing expert Laala Matias Segment 5: Insurance and Client Acquisition Getting insurance to pay you and refer clients Insurance paneling/credentialing NPI/EIN/CAQH set up Segment 6: Practice Management Managing your private practice efficiently Selecting an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system Accounting and Bookkeeping for your business Segment 7: Supervision and Bonus Resource Gaining access to supervision Bonus: FREE Private Practice 101 guide!

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Private Practice Launchpad: A 6-Month Course

Private Practice Launchpad: A 6-Month Course

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